Two Upcoming Releases

I’m very excited to say that I’ve been busy doing edits on my upcoming novel with MLR Books. I signed a contract for this a while ago and so far have been thrilled with what’s going on. The book is called How To Make A Carrot Cake–a mouthful, I know. One of the main characters is vegan and the other, a meat eater, has to spend a bulk of the narrative figuring out what to cook him. It’s a contemporary romance, with a couple points of humour, fluff, hurt/comfort–and a lot of talk of food. It was my hope to make a gay romance equivalent to Laura Esquivel’s Like Water for Chocolate. Hopefully it worked. 😉

Here is the blurb:

Nate Reid never considered veganism until he meets Billy Lawson, a skinny, quiet guy who works at the local grocery store. With Billy’s help, Nate slowly learns what he can and cannot make during the beginning months of their relationship, that is until a family secret from Billy’s past threatens their bond. Will their conflicting desires in the kitchen make an exciting partnership or will Billy’s refusal continue to isolate him? Nate searches through cookbooks and his favorite novels in order to find answers for both of their futures while his best friend Marlee and his older sisters look on.

Cover is yet to be revealed, but fingers-crossed, it should be out at the end of August.

Now, the second release is for a short story (almost 10k) with JMS Books. I really enjoyed writing this one and I’m so pleased to have it come out on my birthday! 🙂

Cover by JMS Books.

Cover by JMS Books.

And the blurb as follows:

Adam Bennett, a former police officer, had just quit his job to take a teaching position when he got into a car crash that left him using a cane. Just when he thought no one would want him, Matthew, a stripper, met Adam at his therapy group. Now the two of them have been together happily for years. But sometimes, Adam still likes to wait up late for Matthew and request an encore striptease show.


That’s it for now. I’m excited and really hope these releases do well.


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