Cover reveal

I finally have the cover for my upcoming story with LT3 press! This is going to be part of their Geek OUT anthology, which focuses on transgender nerds. So of course, I had to write a story about World of Warcraft, being bi-gender (or something in between the traditional norms of male and female), and then top it all off with some major name and relationship confusion. Fun!



Cover by LT3 Press


Chris thought he was done with his World of Warcraft days. He had deleted his account and gone back to his day job in an insurance company and tried to forget about his fantasy world. But soon enough, the urge came back. This time, Chris decides to play the game as Cyndi, a female blood elf, to make things interesting.

Chris soon meets Jessica, a user playing a night elf named Pandora in the online world. When Jessica offers sex online, Chris doesn’t have the heart to confess that he is not a “real” woman. Instead, he continues the facade as Christina, even as the relationship with Jessica becomes serious. When Jessica offers to meet in real life, Chris is forced to make a difficult and critical decision about who he is and what he really wants. 


I’m really excited about this release (when am I not, really?) because I’m really, really passionate about trans representation. And the fact that I got to write about someone who doesn’t really embody either side of the gender spectrum makes me even happier. This is also my first story for LT3, but I’ve signed contracts for two more. Very exciting, indeed.

More information to come on this soon! For now, the release date is the 28th of January. Follow updates for LT3 on their site and tumblr.

Also, my story Peace of Mind just came out. Why not pick that up in the meantime? 🙂