Cover Reveal, New Anthology, and Guest Spot!

January has been an extremely busy month for me! My partner defended his MA thesis (after a long wait and many edits over the holidays), passed with few revisions, and is now in the middle of applying for a PhD at the school I’m currently at so we can continue on this long road of being far too educated for our own good. I barely had enough time to recover from his defense and the holidays before I started my own course work again. But alas, I’m here now, and in a relatively good mood and health so I figured I would announce some exciting news.

The cover for my upcoming February release from JMS Books is here. The story, called Best Two Out of Three, involves a man looking for love online after a particularly sad event, when he finds the perfect guy–who also happens to be trans.


When Dean grows tired of the dating scene, he plays WoW and soon meets Randy, a fellow gamer. The two men hit it off, having long discussions late into the night. Soon, Dean stumbles upon Randy’s old life: Randy used to be Miranda, and is now living as a female-to-male transgender man. When the rules of their online flirting have changed, Dean is not entirely sure what his next move will be.

Transgender characters are a particular interest of mine. I’ve already written several short stories and one longer novel (Born This Way) that have transgender characters as the protagonists. But it seems like 2015 is going to be particularly focused on transgender issues, especially since I have another release at the end of this month with Less Than Three Press. My story, “Sext Based Adventures” is about yet another guy living vicariously through online worlds and dealing with his gender identity. Sense a pattern? While trans idenitty and nerdiness have always intersted me, I was delighted to see that the good people at LT3 also show a keen eye for this as well.

My short story is included along with a bunch of other authors in this collection, appropriately titled: Geek Out! A Collection of Transgender and Genderqueer Romance. This group of stories excited me so, so much. I’m even doing a semi-organized blog-hop for this release so I can talk more about these issues without boring one audience alone. 😉

The first stop in my blog hop is a post at Lynley Wayne’s site about the importance of the transgender romance novel. Read it here when you can.

I will also be at Love Bytes Review and Smoocher’s voice at the end of the month. I’m very excited to talk more about trans issues and nerd culture. And of course, I’m excited to read everyone’s stories in this amazing collection.