Big News!

Lots of things have happened over the winter break. It was extremely productive for me–in fact, I’ve signed contracts for three novels! Many of which seem to be coming out before 2015 is over. Needless to say, my summer will be extremely busy shuffling edits back and forth!

More details on these will be forthcoming. I can say that one of them is a YA zombie novel that I’ve wanted to write for ages. It has a twist on a typical zombie narrative that I’m really happy about, so I can only hope it works for others as well!

In the meantime, have you checked out the updated sections for my shorter workers? I’ve had a few novellas and novellettes come out these past few months! Some of which have gorgeous covers, which I’ll leave you all with now:

DontForgetAboutMePlato for PlumbersSmall_Changes_Big_Rewards_400x600Measuring_the_Sky_400x600The_Imposter_400x600KissingContest

Check out all of these here!




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