Congrats, US!

Here’s my obligatory happy post for the Marriage Equality verdict! I have many friends (and some family) in the US and I’m relieved that they finally have the right to marry who they want. Now, this definitely doesn’t mean the LGBT struggle is over, but we’re finally making some kind of progress. Every step counts.

And now, have a poem I wrote:


About Time

I waited twelve hours on

The first day to get your number,

Weaving in and out of the club

And then in bed on the first morning after.

For twelve months we dated,

Before the twelve days we travelled

On our unofficial honeymoon. Now

Three years later and four months to the day

We’re waiting twelve more hours

To hold that piece of paper.




I will have more release information, including an upcoming interview, shortly. But for now, go and enjoy some wedding cake or wine. Happy Pride! 🙂


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