Busy July, Relaxing August, and Cover Reveals!

Have I mentioned that I have two novels coming out in November? Because, wow, I did not quite plan this properly because all the edits came in for them last month while I was struggling through my final semester of course work in my PhD, teaching a class, and trying to write two academic papers.

So. July was a fun month.

Now it’s August, though, and I have some time off before everything kicks off again in September with school once again! I still have to teach come September, but I no longer have to do courses at the 700 level. Instead, I’ll be preparing for my comprehensive exams. All this really means is that I’ll read a bunch–at least sixty, I think–books and then slump it through a four hour exam. Then, a week later, an oral exam on the same material for an hour and a half. This may sound intimidating to some people, but this is the kind of work I live for. Reading?? Nothing but reading books on a topic I enjoy?? Sign me up! My topic is in New Media, meaning that I pretty much get to read about the history of e-books and fanfiction and the internet. Again, super fun.

The last few days I’ve been recovering from how busy July was, and while part of me still wants to stare at the ceiling and/or start watching The Blacklist, I know that I should probably also show off these really neat covers for my upcoming books.


The first is Fearful Symmetry, a fantasy novel that I’m really proud of how it turned out. The next is my baby, A Winter In Rome, about an undergraduate who falls for his former art professor, then his Italian tutor–but don’t worry,all three live happily ever after together in a big poly lovefest (this title is actually for LT3’s upcoming collection called Intertwined, about poly relationships, which I’m super excited to be a part of and can’t wait to see what other LT3 authors write about!).

There’s more information about these books in the novel section, and I’m hoping to have some buy/preorder links soon. But right now, I’m super happy with the covers and can’t wait to share them.


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