Obligatory October and Halloween Post

I absolutely love October. As far as I’m concerned, the entire month is Halloween. My birthday is also at the start of fall, so really, I’m just always excited to be around the changing leaves, sweater weather, and anything to do with pumpkin spice. Yeah, I’m probably a stereotype, but who cares? I just *love* Halloween so much.

I’m also a huge horror movie fan (though I really don’t watch as many new movies anymore, but classics or the really bad ones I find on Netflix) and really need to get back to writing some more horror stories. I’ve been included in To Hell With Dante, where my story is about a support group for people who’ve sold their souls, and I also have Costumed Kiss released with JMS Books. But that’s not nearly enough horror. Especially queer horror.

So, in line with the upcoming spooky season, I want to recommend three horror/Halloween related items. One book, one movie, and one song.

  1. Hellbent (2004)
    You know how slasher films are usually about teenage girls who wonder whether or not to have sex, then as they do, they get pegged off one by one? Well, Hellbent is like that except it focuses on the gay club scene and what if gay men were killed after they had sex. This isn’t hate-crime fueled violence; this is just a gay slasher film. It’s one of the first of its kind and utterly dreadful. My friend and I watched this last Halloween over Skype, and it was *so* much fun. Not as much fun as watching Sharknado and giggling at the dialogue, but still pretty good. The fashion, the ridiculous sex scenes, and the way the killer meanders through the club life is so bad it’s good–but still suspenseful enough for jump scares.


  2. Queer Fear edited by Michael Rowe
    This anthology was so much fun to read. Not only are all the characters in this anthology gay men (which, for the late 1990s, early 2000 was really impressive), but it’s edited by one of spec fic’s greatest. Michael Rowe, in the introduction for this book, states that “horror places the reader squarely in the middle of conflict, invites visceral responses, and doesn’t provide the ‘easy out’,” (19) and this is what he attempted to do for his anthology. In many ways, these are stories about what it means to be gay and afraid, while removing the homophobia or hate crime angle. It’s supernatural fun, psychological thriller, and uncanny mystery all in one. Plus, one of my favourite m/m romance authors, Michael Thomas Ford, is included in this anthology with his short piece “Butterfly.”


  3. “This Is Halloween” by Panic! At The Disco
    I was a teenager when Panic! At the Disco made it big. I remember listening to A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out on repeat before I graduated, and it’s uncanny that the CD has reached its ten year anniversary recently. I love their cover of the classic “This Is Halloween” song from A Nightmare Before Christmas; if you ever catch me singing it (and no one will catch me, because I am very careful with where/when I sing), it’s definitely this version that’s going through my head.


And that’s it! I hope everyone is enjoying the October weather, whether they’re into Halloween or not. I will be updating in the next few days with a couple very important announcements, so keep on the look out for those.



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