Chasing Old Ideas


Cover by JMS Books.

Cover by JMS Books.

 Anthology Collection, Gay Romance. 55,000 words.

For the men in this collection, love starts off as an illusion. Haunted by their pasts, their presents, and their futures, each one is not quite sure where they are in life—until they meet the person who finally lives up to the ideal. This collection includes Bad Secret Santa, Costumed Kiss, Midnight Swim, Peace of Mind, Tertium Non Data, and Unorthodox Heart.

Print available from JMS Books here!

“Alone and In Debt” in To Hell With Dante

Cover by Martinus Press.

Cover by Martinus Press.

Anthology Collection. (My Story) Gay Paranormal Romance. 7,000.

From evil men getting what they deserve, to super-villains facing their fate, and your run-of-the-mill demon facing the day, To Hell with Dante features cynical stories about the dark side of the afterlife.

Available here.

“Mistletoe and YouTube” in Christmas Delights


Cover by Meredith Russell. Anthology editor by R.J. Scott.

Cover by Meredith Russell. Anthology editor by R.J. Scott.

Contemporary Holiday Erotic Romance. 3,000 words.

After exams finish for Matt and Aiden, there isn’t a lot left to do but watch Christmas YouTube videos and find new ways to kiss under the mistletoe.

Available at Love Lane Books here for FREE.


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