Free Reads

“Mistletoe and YouTube” in Christmas Delights


Cover by Meredith Russell. Anthology editor by R.J. Scott.

Cover by Meredith Russell. Anthology editor by R.J. Scott.

Contemporary Holiday Erotic Romance. 3,000 words.

After exams finish for Matt and Aiden, there isn’t a lot left to do but watch Christmas YouTube videos and find new ways to kiss under the mistletoe.


Dance Lessons.” Gay Flash Fiction. November 2013. 740 words.

It’s the symmetry of dancing that Louis loves – nothing else. Well, maybe teaching Ryan how to do it all.


Removed.” Microscenes: Issue 7, Monster. Halloween 2013. About 500 words.

“It all started out as a Facebook rant…”


Text Messages: A Play.” Gay Flash Fiction. January 2014.

(Really, this is a poem using stage directions as a way to talk about performing identities and pet names online.)

It was mere minutes
After we declared that we were dating
(A Facebook status and strained conversation,
About whether or not our affection could become
A public display or performance
Though we had only just stepped on the stage)
When the text message came
And addressed me as “gorgeous.”



Jesse’s Tattoos. Gay Flash Fiction. February 23. 969 words.

Jesse’s tattoos were more than just pictures. They were stories spread out over his skin. The first night we met one another, I saw the snake that poked out from his bicep and linked around his arm.


A Light. Gay Flash Fiction. May 2014. 700 words.

The lights around the front porch sparked against the cool night air. Though they were a string of blue and white Christmas lights, the Queer Resource centre kept them on all year. They always wanted to have some type of light on outside the building so people who were out late didn’t feel as if they were alone.


About Time. Short Poem. June 2015.

For twelve months we dated,

Before the twelve days we travelled

On our unofficial honeymoon.


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