Novellas are listed as 15,000-49,000 words.

The Life & Death of Eli & Jay


TLaDoEaJ-f (1)

Contemporary Gay Asexual Romance. 31,000 words.

Eli and Jay have known one another since they were children. Their life on the Star Belt government reserve in Saskatchewan isn’t great, but the people—like Tantoo, Eli’s grandmother, Jay’s sisters and grandmother Buffy—have always made life tolerable.

Until the day Jay kisses Eli, only to be rejected, and a moment of misunderstanding drives the two friends apart for years. When tragedy strikes, Eli wonders if the event will be enough to draw the two together once more.

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Surrender to Destiny



Steampunk Mystery Erotic Romance. 20,000 words.

Detective Inspector Sebastian Gully has been promoted on the London police force when he and his partner, Joseph Atwell discover the body of a mellified man. The victim was turned into a hive for honey and a mechanical queen lodged inside his chest cavity. There is very little evidence and absolutely no leads.

When more bodies with different bugs and mechanical creatures show up, the desperate detective team seek the help of a phrenologist, Phineas Hoffsteadr, to understand the true nature of the men killed. As Sebastian’s relationship with Phineas develops, Sebastian soon realizes there are some things that history — and himself — cannot repress.

E-book available at JMS Books.

Homesick at Space Camp



Sci-fi gay/pansexual erotic romance. 23,000 words.

The planet Zaffre is known for two things: blue sand deserts and the fact it’s number one in robots mechanics and AI software development. Eastyn Ptolemy, a human worker from Earth, patrols Zaffre’s main loading docks during his night shifts. Ever since coming to Zaffre with his sister, Genna, his life has been easier—but also far too quiet.

To break up the monotony on one of his shifts, Eastyn listens to the local radio station where DJ Milo does all-night requests. After many late nights spent with Milo on the phone, Eastyn realizes he is actually Milo Struthers, former guitarist and backing vocalist of the band Lightning Years. Only now, after a bad accident, Milo has been reduced to a sophisticated AI that runs the radio station, struggling for a proper body and autonomy...

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The Good Guys



Contemporary Transgender (M/GQ) Sweet Romance. 18,000 words.

When Oliver meets a really cute elf while out Live Action Role Playing, he thinks he’s found the Sam to his Frodo. He tries to find out more about Oakenshire the Elf, but comes up with nothing. When summer vacation forces the LARPing group to take a break, Oliver throws himself into his upcoming play, where he is one of the main leads. There he meets a new person to captivate his attention: Avery.

She’s smart, funny, and into all the same things that Oliver is into, even LARPing. As their friendship progresses, Oliver begins to notice the similarities the young woman has to Oakenshire the Elf. It could be his final chance to see his elf again—or another case of mistaken identity that will leave Oliver fumbling with pronouns, excuses, and hurt feelings. 

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Cracks In The Pavement



Contemporary Bisexual (MMF) Erotic Romance, Musicians. 46,000 words.

When professors Stephanie and Lee decide to rent out the room above their garage to students, they’re just doing it for the money. But they get more than they bargain for in Joe, the caring and charismatic lead singer of the post-hardcore band Armour for Life who comes to live with them.

Stephanie insists that her sudden desire in their new boarder is not a mid-life crisis and instead focuses all her energy in applying for tenure. Lee takes a sabbatical, working on his new critical theory book late into the night while listening to Joe’s music during the day. When a tentative friendship between the two men develops, Lee believes he wants to help Joe escape their city the way he himself was never able to when he was younger.

It’s only after Joe leaves to go on tour that both Stephanie and Lee realize how empty their house is without him. But the professors have to be the ones to take the first steps to get what they want from the traveling musician.

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Divine Intervention


Cover by JMS Books.

Cover by JMS Books.

Contemporary Holiday (Valentine’s, sort of) Erotic Romance. 35,384 words.

After Liam breaks up with his fiancé Sarah, his best friends Bart and Evan meet at his apartment for a night of conciliatory drinking. When they arrive to find Liam’s place empty, the two of them are forced to wait and amuse themselves until their friend shows up. By the end of the night, Liam, Evan, and Bart all hope for their broken hearts to be mended, but it may take more effort than usual. 

E-book available here from JMS Books. Now available in print as of July 31, 2014.


Other People


Cover by JMS Books.

Cover by JMS Books.

Contemporary Horror, Crime, and Romance. 41,000 words.

Carl and John broke up a month ago, much to Carl’s relief. When Carl answers John’s urgent phone call, he finds out that John has been attacked, has killed the attacker, and now must dispose of the body. Carl rushes to help, for what he hopes is one night only. But after seeing the crime scene and remembering his past, Carl reconsiders whether or not seeing other people was a good idea after all. 

E-book available here from JMS Books.

2014 Rainbow Awards Finalist!


Born This Way


Cover by JMS Books.

Cover by JMS Books.

Contemporary Gay Transgender Romance. 42,000 words.

Ever since he came out as a gay transgender man, Jacob Matthews feels as people only care about his past. Jacob tries to overcome this feeling by blending in at the local gay bar Boy Division, talking to no one and watching gay men from the sidelines. But when Jacob hooks up with a stranger who understands him with a single look, Jacob soon realizes that staying quiet no longer satisfies him.  E-book available from JMS Books.

Impatience is a Virtue.



Contemporary Holiday Romance. 22,000 words.

After Marshall goes across the state for school, he and Jack are forced into a long-distance relationship. When Black Friday forces both of them to work hectic schedules and deal with impatient crowds, Jack soon realizes that spending Thanksgiving apart is not worth it. In order to get his boyfriend home, Jack has to think more creatively than he ever has before.

Available from JMS Books here.


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