Obligatory October and Halloween Post

I absolutely love October. As far as I’m concerned, the entire month is Halloween. My birthday is also at the start of fall, so really, I’m just always excited to be around the changing leaves, sweater weather, and anything to do with pumpkin spice. Yeah, I’m probably a stereotype, but who cares? I just *love* Halloween so much.

I’m also a huge horror movie fan (though I really don’t watch as many new movies anymore, but classics or the really bad ones I find on Netflix) and really need to get back to writing some more horror stories. I’ve been included in To Hell With Dante, where my story is about a support group for people who’ve sold their souls, and I also have Costumed Kiss released with JMS Books. But that’s not nearly enough horror. Especially queer horror.

So, in line with the upcoming spooky season, I want to recommend three horror/Halloween related items. One book, one movie, and one song.

  1. Hellbent (2004)
    You know how slasher films are usually about teenage girls who wonder whether or not to have sex, then as they do, they get pegged off one by one? Well, Hellbent is like that except it focuses on the gay club scene and what if gay men were killed after they had sex. This isn’t hate-crime fueled violence; this is just a gay slasher film. It’s one of the first of its kind and utterly dreadful. My friend and I watched this last Halloween over Skype, and it was *so* much fun. Not as much fun as watching Sharknado and giggling at the dialogue, but still pretty good. The fashion, the ridiculous sex scenes, and the way the killer meanders through the club life is so bad it’s good–but still suspenseful enough for jump scares.


  2. Queer Fear edited by Michael Rowe
    This anthology was so much fun to read. Not only are all the characters in this anthology gay men (which, for the late 1990s, early 2000 was really impressive), but it’s edited by one of spec fic’s greatest. Michael Rowe, in the introduction for this book, states that “horror places the reader squarely in the middle of conflict, invites visceral responses, and doesn’t provide the ‘easy out’,” (19) and this is what he attempted to do for his anthology. In many ways, these are stories about what it means to be gay and afraid, while removing the homophobia or hate crime angle. It’s supernatural fun, psychological thriller, and uncanny mystery all in one. Plus, one of my favourite m/m romance authors, Michael Thomas Ford, is included in this anthology with his short piece “Butterfly.”


  3. “This Is Halloween” by Panic! At The Disco
    I was a teenager when Panic! At the Disco made it big. I remember listening to A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out on repeat before I graduated, and it’s uncanny that the CD has reached its ten year anniversary recently. I love their cover of the classic “This Is Halloween” song from A Nightmare Before Christmas; if you ever catch me singing it (and no one will catch me, because I am very careful with where/when I sing), it’s definitely this version that’s going through my head.


And that’s it! I hope everyone is enjoying the October weather, whether they’re into Halloween or not. I will be updating in the next few days with a couple very important announcements, so keep on the look out for those.



Busy July, Relaxing August, and Cover Reveals!

Have I mentioned that I have two novels coming out in November? Because, wow, I did not quite plan this properly because all the edits came in for them last month while I was struggling through my final semester of course work in my PhD, teaching a class, and trying to write two academic papers.

So. July was a fun month.

Now it’s August, though, and I have some time off before everything kicks off again in September with school once again! I still have to teach come September, but I no longer have to do courses at the 700 level. Instead, I’ll be preparing for my comprehensive exams. All this really means is that I’ll read a bunch–at least sixty, I think–books and then slump it through a four hour exam. Then, a week later, an oral exam on the same material for an hour and a half. This may sound intimidating to some people, but this is the kind of work I live for. Reading?? Nothing but reading books on a topic I enjoy?? Sign me up! My topic is in New Media, meaning that I pretty much get to read about the history of e-books and fanfiction and the internet. Again, super fun.

The last few days I’ve been recovering from how busy July was, and while part of me still wants to stare at the ceiling and/or start watching The Blacklist, I know that I should probably also show off these really neat covers for my upcoming books.


The first is Fearful Symmetry, a fantasy novel that I’m really proud of how it turned out. The next is my baby, A Winter In Rome, about an undergraduate who falls for his former art professor, then his Italian tutor–but don’t worry,all three live happily ever after together in a big poly lovefest (this title is actually for LT3’s upcoming collection called Intertwined, about poly relationships, which I’m super excited to be a part of and can’t wait to see what other LT3 authors write about!).

There’s more information about these books in the novel section, and I’m hoping to have some buy/preorder links soon. But right now, I’m super happy with the covers and can’t wait to share them.

New Interview

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I did an interview with the lovely people at ARe, where we talked about my newest release The Imposter, BDSM in the gay community, grad school dynamics, and some of the most recent music I’ve been into. Check it out here.

And in case anyone’s forgotten, here is the cover and blurb for The Imposter:


Tyler is one day away from defending his PhD and he couldn’t be more stressed out. After lending a sympathetic ear, Tyler’s boyfriend Jon suddenly turns into the dominating and aggressive partner Tyler has come to love. Will giving into Jon’s desires allow Tyler to de-stress enough and pass his defense? Or will Jon’s sudden name-calling be too much for Tyler to handle? 

Buy link is right over here. 🙂

Next update: expect more covers, more details, and more teasers for all the projects I have coming up! Until then, take care of yourselves, lovely readers.

Congrats, US!

Here’s my obligatory happy post for the Marriage Equality verdict! I have many friends (and some family) in the US and I’m relieved that they finally have the right to marry who they want. Now, this definitely doesn’t mean the LGBT struggle is over, but we’re finally making some kind of progress. Every step counts.

And now, have a poem I wrote:


About Time

I waited twelve hours on

The first day to get your number,

Weaving in and out of the club

And then in bed on the first morning after.

For twelve months we dated,

Before the twelve days we travelled

On our unofficial honeymoon. Now

Three years later and four months to the day

We’re waiting twelve more hours

To hold that piece of paper.




I will have more release information, including an upcoming interview, shortly. But for now, go and enjoy some wedding cake or wine. Happy Pride! 🙂

Big News!

Lots of things have happened over the winter break. It was extremely productive for me–in fact, I’ve signed contracts for three novels! Many of which seem to be coming out before 2015 is over. Needless to say, my summer will be extremely busy shuffling edits back and forth!

More details on these will be forthcoming. I can say that one of them is a YA zombie novel that I’ve wanted to write for ages. It has a twist on a typical zombie narrative that I’m really happy about, so I can only hope it works for others as well!

In the meantime, have you checked out the updated sections for my shorter workers? I’ve had a few novellas and novellettes come out these past few months! Some of which have gorgeous covers, which I’ll leave you all with now:

DontForgetAboutMePlato for PlumbersSmall_Changes_Big_Rewards_400x600Measuring_the_Sky_400x600The_Imposter_400x600KissingContest

Check out all of these here!



Cover Reveal, New Anthology, and Guest Spot!

January has been an extremely busy month for me! My partner defended his MA thesis (after a long wait and many edits over the holidays), passed with few revisions, and is now in the middle of applying for a PhD at the school I’m currently at so we can continue on this long road of being far too educated for our own good. I barely had enough time to recover from his defense and the holidays before I started my own course work again. But alas, I’m here now, and in a relatively good mood and health so I figured I would announce some exciting news.

The cover for my upcoming February release from JMS Books is here. The story, called Best Two Out of Three, involves a man looking for love online after a particularly sad event, when he finds the perfect guy–who also happens to be trans.


When Dean grows tired of the dating scene, he plays WoW and soon meets Randy, a fellow gamer. The two men hit it off, having long discussions late into the night. Soon, Dean stumbles upon Randy’s old life: Randy used to be Miranda, and is now living as a female-to-male transgender man. When the rules of their online flirting have changed, Dean is not entirely sure what his next move will be.

Transgender characters are a particular interest of mine. I’ve already written several short stories and one longer novel (Born This Way) that have transgender characters as the protagonists. But it seems like 2015 is going to be particularly focused on transgender issues, especially since I have another release at the end of this month with Less Than Three Press. My story, “Sext Based Adventures” is about yet another guy living vicariously through online worlds and dealing with his gender identity. Sense a pattern? While trans idenitty and nerdiness have always intersted me, I was delighted to see that the good people at LT3 also show a keen eye for this as well.

My short story is included along with a bunch of other authors in this collection, appropriately titled: Geek Out! A Collection of Transgender and Genderqueer Romance. This group of stories excited me so, so much. I’m even doing a semi-organized blog-hop for this release so I can talk more about these issues without boring one audience alone. 😉

The first stop in my blog hop is a post at Lynley Wayne’s site about the importance of the transgender romance novel. Read it here when you can.

I will also be at Love Bytes Review and Smoocher’s voice at the end of the month. I’m very excited to talk more about trans issues and nerd culture. And of course, I’m excited to read everyone’s stories in this amazing collection.

New Interview and Last Update of 2014


So, as the title suggests, this is my last update for 2014. I’ve had a really good year with lots of publications, and I have some scattered out into the new year as well. I signed two new contracts for LT3 Press, along with several for JMS Books. I have at least one thing coming out a month until April–and I’m hoping to get a few more in before the New Year.

Recently, I was included in a horror/supernatural anthology called To Hell With Dante by Martinus Press. I’m including a brief interview I did with them, which you can also find on their site. The story was a lot of fun–and so are the others in the group.

Without further delay, here is the interview:

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