Cover Reveal Time!

Today I have not one, but three cover reveals! Two for Christmas, and one more for the month of October–my YA paranormal romance called Love and The Undead.

This is a very old story. And by “old” I really mean I wrote a short story called “Love and The Undead” when I was nineteen, then left it on my computer until a few years later, when I added more to it. Then let it sit even longer. Until finally, two years ago, I got this really interesting idea for a new kind of “zombie” that wasn’t really dead but infected with something else (you’ll have to read the story to see what I mean here), and I realized that the romance arc of the story I wrote when I was nineteen went perfectly with this new zombie epidemic. So I revise that initial 5k into something much more and suddenly, the final version was nearly 90k. Another round of edits again to keep the action fast-paced and romance present, then voila. Hopefully my new twist on a zombie story ends up frightening readers while Mike and Ray fall for one another.


Mike’s brother Zach has always been a little weird. He spends most of his nights sneaking out to hunt for ghosts, then reading fan fiction for his favorite TV show Paranormal whenever he can. But when Zach comes out as gay and is subsequently bullied at school, Mike realizes his brother needs an ally more than anything. So Mike and Zach form a pack with other outcasts to make high school a little better.
Everything changes when new student Ray shows up at school. Mike breaks away from his brother and soon falls for Ray–while at the same time unearthing a mystery about their small town. As teachers disappear and dead bodies pile up, Mike and Ray are left alone fighting evil, when all Mike wanted to do was fall in love.

Funny thing, though, about those names. I wrote this story a long time ago, right? And in first person. Anytime I do that, I have a tendency to use the same name (Mike) because it was the most common the year I was born. So in the same way Charles Bukowski has Henry Chinaski following him around in the margins of his work, I suppose I have several “Mike” characters following me around in some way. I’ve changed many of my first draft Mike characters in some of my shorter works, but in others I haven’t… and so, later on in January, when I release The Invisibles with Less Than Three Press you’ll see another Mike character! In a YA story! Who I swear is a different character entirely. He just happens to have the same name. I wrote both of these stories in vastly different stages of my life, but my publishing schedule has them coming out within months of one another. I guess things really do come full circle.

You can pre-oder Love and The Undead, along with The Invisbles, right now. And really, how I can now show the gorgeous The Invisibles cover in this post? So you know what–make that FOUR cover reveals here (and find more information about these titles on the new Young Adult Works page.


Before January’s releases, though, there are December’s. I have two Christmas stories coming out. One is with JMS Books for their Stocking Stuffer collection. The cover and blurb are as follows:


Brad Churchill doesn’t want to be alone this Christmas. So when his PR firm needs someone to fly to New York to work over the break, he jumps at the chance. While at the airport Brad meets Mickey, a stunt double whose flight to his small-town Canadian home has been delayed repeatedly and who seems to dislike the holiday season with a passion that Brad can only admire.  Can dinner with Mickey give Brad what he needs for Christmas? As delay after delay for their flights pile up, Brad can only hope so. 

The second holiday release is a sequel to my first m/m romance novel, How To Make A Carrot Cake. Remember that? I actually wrote this Christmas story last year, but never had time to finish it before the deadline. So I made sure I gave myself plenty of leeway this summer to get it all done. My editor at MLR, Christie, was also super supportive. And this cover! It’s super sweet.

The Boyfriend Rule_300DPI

Billy Lawson hates Christmas. The carols, the gaudy decorations, and the crowds seem to be even worse this year. To make matters worse,  it looks like Billy’s father, Jimmy, will be stuck in the hospital over the holiday season due to his illness. Billy thinks he’s fine, but when Nate wants to go to yet another holiday party, Billy ditches the cookies he’s making and the party. Just when Billy thinks he’ll be alone on Christmas, Nate reminds him that there are certain rules boyfriends must abide by.

Sense a theme for my holiday stories? I love taking skeptics for any kind of romance, tradition, or holiday and making them believe again. Or at least come to some kind of compromise where everyone’s happy!

There’s no buy or pre-order info for these titles yet, but I wanted to share. So there you have it. FOUR covers! And there’s more coming soon. 🙂