A few soundtracks…

Because I was hanging out on Dreamspinner’s Facebook feed today, I was able to upload and complete some soundtracks! Now all my novels have one! I’ll talk more in depth about the playlist for A Winter In Rome soon, but for now, check out the one I made for Fearful Symmetry.

  1. When I Grow Up by Fever Ray
  2. White Foxes by Susan Sunfor
  3. No Trace by MS MR
  4. What Kind of Man by Florence and The Machine
  5. The Beast by Austra
  6. Blood Like by Lovedrug
  7. Passive by A Perfect Circle
  8. Moan by Trentmoller
  9. Daniel in The Den by Bastille
  10. Bird of Prey by The Editors
  11. Thieving by Lovedrug
  12. The Deer by Woodkid
  13. Three Doors by VAST
  14. Daydream by Smashing Pumpkins
  15. King and Lionheart by Of Monsters and Men
  16. I Saw A Light by Bat For Lashes

Big thanks to some readers for helping me pick some songs! The MS MR, Bastille, Of Monsters and Men, and Florence songs are all from their suggestions. I hope it conveys the mood of the story without spoiling it! The link is right here.

I also updated a draft version I had of my How to Make a Carrot Cake story. Check out that playlist here, and the tracklisting as such:

  1. The Sound Of Settling by Death Cab For Cutie
  2. In Between Days by The Cure
  3. Dance Anthem of the 1980s by Regina Spektor
  4. Sweetness by Jimmy Eat World
  5. By Tonight by Say Anything
  6. Wanderlust by Metric (Feat. Lou Reed)
  7. Recycled Air by The Postal Service
  8. Paper Bag by Fiona Apple
  9. Now, Now by St. Vincent
  10. The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot by Brand New
  11. What Sarah Said by Death Cab For Cutie
  12. Guernica by Brand New
  13. Carry You by Jimmy Eat World
  14. At The Hop by Devendra Banhart and Jana Hunter

I hope you enjoy these songs! Many are by my favourite bands. Listen to Carrot Cake’s playlist here.

Finally, don’t forget that I have a lot of titles on sale right now at LT3! Now I’m off to spend the rest of my Thanksgiving weekend doing homework… 🙂