Shorts are listed as less than 14,000 words. 

Tertium Non Data


Cover by JMS Books.

Cover by JMS Books.

Historical Romance. 7,800 words.

When Lord Louis Hector married his wife, she was an invalid and he only had the clothing on his back. Now, he is a lead investor of the Rolls Royce. When he decides to try his luck on William Bailey, the former son of a thief, as his new footman, what emerges is completely unknown to both men. 

E-Book available at JMS Books here.

Bad Secret Santa


Cover by JMS Books.

Cover by JMS Books.

Contemporary Holiday Erotic Romance. 5,552 words.

When Greg’s best friend Ray entices him into one last party before they break for Christmas, Greg says yes, though it will mean finding a last minute gift for a woman he hardly knows. Inside a crowded mall, and then later on at the party, Greg runs into Jason. Turns out the short mystery man in tight pants is Greg’s Secret Santa, and he’s not good with keeping it a secret. E-book available here from JMS Books.

Unorthodox Heart

03 / 09/2014

Cover by JMS Books.

Cover by JMS Books.

Contemporary Romance. 13,000.

When psychiatrist Dmitri Cosma accidentally hits a pedestrian with his car, he sees this as the perfect chance to help out a man in need. Dmitri convinces Hugh Duchamp to exaggerate his injuries in order to get a better pay off from the insurance company. Hugh goes along with the plan, only to be left wondering if Dmitri will remain after the check clears.  E-book available here from JMS Books.

Midnight Swim


Cover by JMS Books.

Cover by JMS Books.

Contemporary Erotic Sports Romance. 7,900 words.

Devon Landry is a man bound by his routine at the gym, but also in daily life. When Wolf, a friend of the gym’s owner, offers him extra pool time after hours, Devon must call in sick for work and completely change his schedule, or risk missing out on a mysterious offer with other implications beyond learning how to swim.

E-Book available from JMS Books.  

Peace of Mind


Cover by JMS Books.

Cover by JMS Books.

Contemporary Erotic Romance. 9,900 words.

Adam Bennett, a former police officer, had just quit his job to take a teaching position when he got into a car crash that left him using a cane. Just when he thought no one would want him, Matthew, a stripper, met Adam at his therapy group. Now the two of them have been together happily for years. But sometimes, Adam still likes to wait up late for Matthew and request an encore striptease show.  

E-Book available from JMS here.  

Costumed Kiss


Cover by JMS Books.

Cover by JMS Books.

Contemporary Paranormal Erotic Gay Romance. 9,856 words.

Joshua dreads looking for a Halloween costume, but he knows he must get one if his boyfriend will let him come to his party that night. After striking out at the local drugstore’s party supplies, Joshua finds the local thrift store. Soon, he catches the dark eyes of a stranger across the room. As they kiss, Joshua isn’t sure if this man is merely dressed as the devil—or if he’s the real deal.

E-book available from JMS Books soon!

Snow For You


Cover by JMS Books.

Cover by JMS Books.

Contemporary Holiday Erotic Romance. 10,000 words.

For Ian Rogers, it’s not really Christmas until it snows. When Ian is sent to Japan a week before the holidays, he goes knowing that he won’t miss anything—and he’ll be able to escape from his wife and his double-life a little longer. Everything suddenly changes when he meets Blake Anders on Christmas Eve. The two men have dinner, where a romance blooms—just as the snow starts to fall outside.

Available from JMS Books Here. 

The Midnight Bear Express


Cover by JMS Books.

Cover by JMS Books.

Contemporary Holiday (New Years) Sweet Romance. 11,000 words.

Cody Langley is a broke student who tries to do something nice for his niece and nephew over the holiday break. He decides to take them to Treasure Bears, the toy workshop which allows children to customize their own stuffed toy. When his nephew has a very public breakdown in the store, Cody is overwhelmed by a cute sales clerk named Tag who comes in to save the day in more ways than one.

Purchase at JMS Books here.

Sext Based Adventures



Cover by LT3

Contemporary Erotic Romance. 13,000 words.

Chris thought he was done with his World of Warcraft days. He had deleted his account and gone back to his day job in an insurance company and tried to forget about his fantasy world. But soon enough, the urge came back. This time, Chris decides to play the game as Cyndi, a female blood elf, to make things interesting.

Chris soon meets Jessica, a user playing a night elf named Pandora in the online world. When Jessica offers sex online, Chris doesn’t have the heart to confess that he is not a “real” woman. Instead, he continues the facade as Christina, even as the relationship with Jessica becomes serious. When Jessica offers to meet in real life, Chris is forced to make a difficult and critical decision about who he is and what he really wants. 

Single Story here. Entire Collection here.

Best Two Out of Three



 Contemporary Transgender Erotic Romance. 10,000.

When Dean grows tired of the dating scene, he plays WoW and soon meets Randy, a fellow gamer. The two men hit it off, having long discussions late into the night. Soon, Dean stumbles upon Randy’s old life: Randy used to be Miranda, and is now living as a female-to-male transgender man. When the rules of their online flirting have changed, Dean is not entirely sure what his next move will be.

Buy at JMS Books.

Measuring The Sky



Contemporary Gay Sweet Romance. 6700.

Ben Halifax is still hurting over a break-up, so he decides to spend his Friday night at work. Charlie Page, Ben’s coworker and an insatiable flirt, also shows up for an extra shift and refuses to leave. When Charlie extends a stargazing invitation, Ben accepts, but with some reservation. Will shooting stars finally give Ben what he’s always wanted, or will it be another love story cliché?

Purchase here at JMS Books.

Soap and Skin



Contemporary Gay Erotic Romance. 6,100.

After Will breaks his wrist apprehending a suspect, he calls on his ex-lover Ray to help teach him how to shave again. While over, Will confronts Ray about hiding his blue collar and southern roots, along with his suppressed feelings for the snappy, yet lovable, cop. As the sexual tension mounts, Ray begins to wonder why they even broke up in the first place—and what he can do about fixing this situation so they both can have a clean start.

Purchase here at JMS Books.

Small Changes, Big Rewards



Contemporary Sweet Romance. 5,800.

Sunday afternoons are supposed to be long-time couple George and Ashton’s time together. But George wakes up and declares he can’t eat their normal Sunday morning breakfast of pancakes, Ashton’s not sure what to do. Is George’s sudden health kick just that, or has their age difference of over a decade finally caught up to them?

Available at JMS Books.

The Imposter



Contemporary Erotic BDSM Gay Romance. 10,000.

Tyler is one day away from defending his PhD and he couldn’t be more stressed out. After lending a sympathetic ear, Tyler’s boyfriend Jon suddenly turns into the dominating and aggressive partner Tyler has come to love. Will giving into Jon’s desires allow Tyler to de-stress enough and pass his defense? Or will Jon’s sudden name-calling be too much for Tyler to handle? 

Available at JMS Books.

Don’t Forget About Me



 Contemporary Military Erotic Romance. 13,000.

Shawn Connors had no illusions about the war. But after injuring his leg in a blast, he goes home to his sister’s in Maine and isn’t prepared for the reality of his return. As everyone around him gets married, promoted, or moves on with their lives, Shawn is left drinking alone at a bar on a Thursday night. His best friend had warned him that life after deployment would start to feel like a high school reunion, but as Shawn meets a stranger at the bar, he begins to think that his life is more like a high school movie instead.

Available at MLR Books!

The Kissing Contest


Cover by LT3.

Cover by LT3.

Historical Gay Romance. 10,000 words.

Homer Ruiz is a well-known actor who is constantly cast as bad guys, gigolos, or men of ill-repute. As a publicity stunt, Homer’s friend Jack Douglas has arranged a kissing contest to be held inside a Paris Hotel and Casino, where some of the most famous and attractive men from around the world will compete for the bragging rights of best kisser in the world. Homer competes and wows everyone with his technique. When the contest is over, however, Homer finds himself rather disappointed by the result. Everyone, including his second wife Clara, seem to only fall in love with illusions and images, rather than his true self. When Homer leaves the hotel to get some air, he runs into the painter, Absalom Bellaire who suddenly changes how Homer views the world.  

Available at LT3 here.

Plato For Plumbers


Plato for Plumbers

Contemporary Gay Romance. 11,000 words.

The week before an important philosophy conference, Kenneth is struggling to finish both the last chapter of his book and the paper he’s writing for the event. His efforts are thwarted by a leaky faucet—and his life as a whole is turned upside down by the plumber who shows up to fix it.

Available @ LT3 here!

The Cost of Doing Business



Contemporary Erotic Holiday Romance. 9,000 words.

Brad Churchill doesn’t want to be alone this Christmas. So when his PR firm needs someone to fly to New York to work over the break, he jumps at the chance. While at the airport Brad meets Mickey, a stunt double whose flight to his small-town Canadian home has been delayed repeatedly and who seems to dislike the holiday season with a passion that Brad can only admire.  Can dinner with Mickey give Brad what he needs for Christmas? As delay after delay for their flights pile up, Brad can only hope so. 

Buy here.

The Boyfriend Rule


The Boyfriend Rule_300DPI

Contemporary Holiday Erotic Romance. 14,000 words.

Billy Lawson hates Christmas. The carols, the gaudy decorations, and the crowds seem to be even worse this year. To make matters worse, it looks like Billy’s father, Jimmy, will be stuck in the hospital over the holiday season due to his illness. Billy thinks he’s fine, but when Nate wants to go to yet another holiday party, Billy ditches the cookies he’s making and the party. Just when Billy thinks he’ll be alone on Christmas, Nate reminds him that there are certain rules boyfriends must abide by.

**This title is a sequel to How To Make a Carrot Cake**

Buy here.


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